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by Hector Avila


Stop it right there, if you did not know that Hermes does not offer ready to wear for its customer. The truth is that they do indeed offer ready to wear, and in fact, they just released a new collection, as part of the offerings. This collection is called Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and consist of offerings that range from formal jacket to shirts that may come under it. What we are going to do is that talk about their style, and some of the little details it can have.

Light jacket:

It is exactly what it sets out to be, which is a jacket. This is a straight cut jacket in linen, and something called crinkle cotton. The collar of it notched, it has one button for fastening, and it also has two front pockets, with a slit on its back. It is 54% linen, 27% cotton, and 19% polyester. Like many of the branded jacket, usually are, Light Jacket is also made in Italy. It is available in ciment color and additionally will go very well with white trousers that at least semi-formal.


"Jardin de la Maharani" rib trim jacket:

As the name suggests, this jacket is inspired by French culture, and the and the Indian design of scenery. One can clearly see the palm trees as part of the design. This one is rib trim jacket is screen printed cotton linen, and a two-way zipper (and that with 100% cotton linen blend). This differentiates in make because this one is made in France, which is very different from the one that made in Italy. The design and the staff reflect that in the end result. This one is available in beton and the sable colors.


Zipped t-shirt:

This is the old classic with a new look. This one short-sleeved zipped cut t-shirt which comes in "Jeu de Carreaux Relieves" cotton that comes straight from the country of France. This also comes with a crew neck collar, and shoulder zip cut, which is 100% cotton. As with many articles that hail from Hermes as a brand, this one also made in France, with careful craftsmanship, and extreme care. This one is only available in white, and it looks good with a beige trouser as part of the attire, and if it is permissible by the weather you can hang a black jacket at the back or your yourself.


Luxembourg jogging pants:

Who says you can do jog in style, and if someone says otherwise, just tell them that you have a Luxembourg jogging pants from Hermes. Yes, this helps you jog, and you can that in style. Onlookers will be impressed by your style, and at the same time, your dedication to the fitness your body commands. This one is a tight cut jogging pants in crisp poplin that is 100% cotton. Also, this one is made in Italy. As usual with the tracksuits, this is also available only in one color, which is white.


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